Release: [High Thrust] Thrust Rumble (School Rumble)

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Release: [High Thrust] Thrust Rumble (School Rumble)

Postby cnhn » Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:31 am

This is two part School Rumble doujin that me and Malone working on while we search for our next project. It's made by High Thrust doujin circle with one of the member is pretty well known, Inomaru (He drew the 2nd part in this doujin).
The first part is about Eri streaking on the beach, and then gangbanged along with unfortunate Mikoto. The second part is about Harima's kid brother Shuuji fucking Yakumo in the shower. Oh yeah 8)
Download here:

There's also sequel to this, but unfortunately the only raw available is in bad quality so we won't work on that. In case you're curious here's the sequel:

I rewatched School Rumble after so many years (man, it's nostalgic) to find out how the characters called each other. Shuuji called Yakumo as Yakumo-neechan so I goes with that, even though it took more space than simply Yakumo-san. Sacrifice for accuracy :P
I'd love to work on more School Rumble doujins, or other doujins from High Thrust. But Malone prefer to work on full-length story. So thus we're still searching.

Anyway, enjoy!

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