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Valssu Mega Thread

Postby wallace » Sat Jan 31, 2015 7:48 pm

So after seeing Questionable91's post it kinda gave me an idea.
As a huge fan of Valssu for quite a long time now, I have collected digital versions of their work and kinda reached to a point where I have almost all their works you can find on the internet.

So I went ahead and uploaded all my collection, and since Valssu are very organized and got a number for each of their issues, the files are also numbered.!Lg9WwLqQ!m927MfW7ZFIC1kIlDuo2Nw
If you have got an issue that is not present, you're welcome to post a link to it here and I will add it shortly after ;)

Now, to make it clear, I DO NOT encourage piracy by doing this. I myself have a collection of hard copies of Valssu's doujinshis which I physically purchased, and I will keep purchasing in the future. <todo: post a picture here>
I encourage anyone who finds their work interesting to go ahead and purchase a physical or digital copy of what they liked!

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Re: Valssu Mega Thread

Postby LAwLz » Wed Mar 11, 2015 3:00 am

Great collection wallace!
It's very nice of you to upload all of it as well. There are plenty of doujins in that collection I have never seen before.

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