Mousou Saika dou (Saikadou?) 2 works, I request.

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Mousou Saika dou (Saikadou?) 2 works, I request.

Postby lala-slut » Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:54 pm


by nothing more than luck I found this artist on exhentai. I was on dlsite and came across a work of an artist named haekake, wrote that in exhentai search bar and found only 1 work, called:

[Mousou Iro Hana Dou] Joshi Yagai Roshutsu Kurabu Natsu No Kyoukagasshuku!! - Haekake Shishunki Musume No Asoko Wa MuMuMu!!

ahegao exhibitionism full color <-- same work

Uploaded 2 years ago, I don´t see it getting translated anymore.

What I really am curious about are pages 16-19, what are they saying there, I wanna know so badly.

And then his 2. work I request:

ahegao, romulo manchin, full color, lactation, lolicon, schoolgirl

Uploaded 2 years too I see no chances for it getting translated.

have not found a g.e-hentai link

I am interested in until page 28, though.

Even if it won´t get translated, it still feels awesome to find untranslated good work and feels even better to share it :)

What do you think about these 2 works and this artist in general?


*edit* can someone translate this picture?

it is loli, full color and by Mousou Saika Dou

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