Roshutsu Playing Game

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Roshutsu Playing Game

Postby Atai » Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:50 pm

This is the other game I've been translating, and arguably more interesting than the other. This one is more about exhibitionism than ENF and the girls are lewd as fuck. It's also worth noting that neither of these games have any sex scenes.

The games are about exhibitionist girls, who visit a distant town to do some exposure play. They start off very reluctant doing stuff, but as you level up, they do more daring things.

Image ... 42042.html

The first game is about Mie coming to town with only a thin, short sundress and panties. She can do various things like visit the mixed bath, model for panty enthusiasts, and letting people peek at her panties. You eventually unlock the ability to take off your panties and go commando. Later events has her masturbating solo and then masturbating in front of others. That's about as far as they go in terms of lewd. When you reach max level (5), she walks through town naked before getting chased off. After the game, you gain the ability to take off her dress and wander naked around the town.

Image ... 61887.html

The second game is about Mira doing similar. The game is vastly improved over the first and is significantly longer too. She forgets her wallet coming to town and has to do various jobs to be able to pay to stay at the inn. There are other things like the mixed bath where she goes from going with a towel to masturbating with the regulars. There's also the pool, which you can buy a white school swimsuit and later a microbikini. Overall an improvement over the first.

I would definitely like some help translating these, as these games are considerably longer than the other two. I'm focusing more on the second one, since I like its material more than the first. I won't post a download link, but if you PM me, I'll send you a copy.

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