Ryuichi Hiraoka

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Re: Ryuichi Hiraoka

Postby CitySearch » Tue Dec 11, 2012 4:45 am

I see. Seeing what you meant to say, no harm meant. And not really a stupid question either since hey, I still want to see it translated. Just needed worded differently for us to understand what you really meant.

I wish the situation was different now too. I would love to have it translated. But, for whatever reason, the one thing you can't find online still is the first volume. I know one translator, if something isn't available online, he goes out and literally buys the volume to import, and scans it himself. While it would be nice if someone did that with Volume 1... well, this is NOT a cheap method. You must really love to see something get scanned and translated to go that far given the financial cost of doing this for, what is essentially a hobby. As much as I like to see Volume 1, not something I can justify spending buying the it at a website that not only has it, but can ship outside Japan. Shipping cost alone is prohibitive if it's just one volume. The fact I don't have anything that could scan it in the first place notwithstanding.

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Re: Ryuichi Hiraoka

Postby deedolito » Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:37 am

It seems their is some new work of Ryuichi Hiraoka here :

But it seems impossible to find the new actionn pizazz SP online.

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