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[Suehirogari] TAG (Complete)

Postby KiTA » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:32 pm

Wait, TAG? Didn't we release this a few years ago?

Um, yeah. Shut up.


First Published in: Zero-shiki Comics Volumes 28-42 (2002)
Republished in: TAG (Zero-shiki Comics 2003)
Story Length: 9 chapters (202 pages)
Story/Art: Suehirogari
(c) Suehirogari / Zero-shiki Comics 2003
Genres: Public Nudity, Public Sex, Exhibitionism, Mind Control, MF, FF, Light Herm (1 scene)

English Translation: Demoniq, Nommad, Tamanegi
Editing: KiTA

Mizumo's life turns upside down when she stumbles upon one of her classmates running around naked at the college cultural fair. Quickly caught up in a strange game of naked tag, where "it" is hypnotized to stay naked until she is able to tag (and pass on the nudity to) the next poor girl in the chain, Mizumo has to deal with the dawning realization that she enjoyed her naked dash through town a lot more than she should have...

... and then the blackmail begins.

Translation Notes:

Throughout TAG, the term "Baton Touch" in Katakana is used. This is a Japanese idiom basically the same as "Passing the Torch". When your shift ends at work, you baton touch with your replacement. When you retire, you baton touch with the new guy. Stuff like that. Because it didn't translate very well that way, we went with the slightly more Americanized "Tag!". The connotation is basically the same, however Baton Touch almost always means touching base with a replacement.

The colors in the color pages were auto-leveled due to my rather low level of experience with Photoshop. However, shortly before release, my real life copy of TAG arrived, and, they're pretty close. A little lighter than they should be in spots, but, all in all not bad.

We here at Munyu hope you enjoyed TAG. Please look forward to our next release, which will probably be announced on 4chan's /t/ and other relivant boards. Also, please remember to support manga artists that you enjoy -- Suehirogari has several works liscensed by Eros Comix (http://www.eroscomix.com), professionally translated to English, released under the name "Sexhibition." Please consider buying them if you enjoyed this work.

- The Munyu Heavy Industries Team

Download link: Download TAG.(Suehirogari).English.[Munyu].zip for free on uploading.com
TAG 000c1.jpg
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Postby KiTA » Mon Apr 14, 2008 3:25 pm

As an aside, the oldest file I have of TAG in the project directory is dated 11/1/2004, at 1 AM -- the first text file that Nommad sent me, for pages 6-21. The oldest photoshop file (so, when work actually began), was 11/4/2004.

The "newest" file is TAG 138, dated 7/13/2005 at 12:18 AM.

TAG took just shy of 9 months to do, and in the process we went through a few translators -- Nommad started the project, and when I first found out about TAG I quickly discovered Nommad talking about it on... Hongfire, I believe. Demoniq joined after Nommad vanished -- literally vanished, as one day he simply stopped logging into IRC. Tamanegi also joined in, and together, we were able to finish the project.

Our translation was even translated. Someone asked me if it would be possible for them to edit TAG into French! You can see their efforts here.

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Postby Beacon80 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 9:27 pm

The link doesn't seem to work.

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