[Suehirogari] Night Swimming (1 shot)

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[Suehirogari] Night Swimming (1 shot)

Postby KiTA » Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:02 pm

Our first Futanari short.

Night Swimming

First Published in: Hot Milk Volume 8 (1994)
Republished in: Time Machine (Hot Milk Comics No. 95)
Story Length: 1 shot (20 pages)
Story/Art: Suehirogari
(c) Suehirogari / Hot Milk Comics 1994

English Translation: Tamanegi
Editing: KiTA

In the middle of his first year at high school, Usuki Hidemi is talked by a bouncy classmate into joining the student council as a secretary. But the student council has a sexy secret... they've been having secret orgies late Saturday nights when their teacher leaves!

... And the beautiful president has a sexy little secret of her own, one that is old hat to the student council, but that Usuki is having to discover "first hand" ...

Download Link: Download Night.Swimming.(Suehirogari).English.[Munyu].zip for free on uploading.com

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