[Suehirogari] Stone Flower (1 Shot)

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[Suehirogari] Stone Flower (1 Shot)

Postby KiTA » Mon Apr 14, 2008 4:37 pm

Our first loli/shota work:

Stone Flower

First Published in: Exhibition (1994)
Story Length: 2 Chapters (36 pages)
Story/Art: Suehirogari
(c) Suehirogari

English Translation: Tamanegi
Editing: KiTA

Uzura Haruno, a young up and coming actress and model, gets an embarrassing but extremely high paying job offer that her parents/agents just can't refuse -- nude modeling as "living art" at parties for the rich and elite. So far everything is going well, as she can quietly ignore the looks of the perverted old men at the party just fine, by turning her heart to stone.

That is, until Yuuya Mozuki, an old classmate of hers, shows up at one of the parties. Under threat of blackmail, he has a little fun with her, opening her eyes to the possibility that being looked at nude might be just a little exciting...

Will this "Stone Flower" be able to keep turning her heart to stone after being awoken by Yuuya? And are Yuuya's intentions purely dishonorable?

Download Link: Download Stone.Flower.(Suehirogari).English.[Munyu].zip for free on uploading.com
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