[Suehirogari] Moonlit Exhibition (1 Shot)

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[Suehirogari] Moonlit Exhibition (1 Shot)

Postby KiTA » Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:50 am

Our first Monstergirl work:

Moonlit Exhibition

First Published in: EXHIBITION by Suehirogari
Story Length: 1 Shot
Story/Art: Suehirogari
(c) Suehirogari 1990 / Hot Milk Comics 1994
Genres: Public Nudity, Exhibitionism, Monster-Girl, Invisible-Girl, Lesbianism

English Translation: Anonymous Translator
Editing: KiTA

Mari Fukeda is a young girl with a strange power -- she can turn herself invisible at will. Years of sneaking around invisible and naked has given her quite the exhibitionist streak, which is just fine, cause no one can see her, anyway. That is, until her classmate Toromi Kataguri accuses her of masturbating in front of the 7-11 late at night... Is Mari's invisibility failing when she's not noticing? Is Toromi seeing her some other way? will Mari be able to resist going streaking one last time...?

Translation Notes:

This is a preliminary translation, and will likely be changed for clarity, to clean up typographical errors, or just for our own amusement. Please forgive any weirdness.

The last few pages are relaying what Mari says to Toromi when she asks if she can do anything. It's not super clear.

Thanks very much to Anonymous Translator, who translated this out of the blue for us to enjoy. Please remember to support manga artists that you enjoy -- Suehirogari has several works liscensed by Eros Comix (http://www.eroscomix.com), professionally translated to English, released under the name "Sexhibition." Please consider buying them if you enjoyed this work.

- KiTA, 3/31/08

Download Link: Download MoonlitExhibition.(Suehirogari).English.[Anonymous Translator].zip for free on uploading.com

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